Closet Thoughts: Leather Pants Should Be a Staple

I am an accountant and an extreme introvert.

But, I own a pair of leather pants.

Well, they’re fake leather, but all the same. I have never worn an article of clothing, other than my wedding gown, that gives me more confidence and makes me feel more like an all-around badass than these things. I got my pair on clearance at Target last year for 11 bucks. ELEVEN DOLLARS. Favorite item in my closet by a mile. I don’t see them on Target’s website this year, but they’re so popular now that you should be able to find an affordable pair of your own anywhere. The best part about them is that they go with everything….dressed down with a chunky sweater and ankle boots, dressed up with a printed blouse, sassy heels, and a statement necklace, or all out biker-chic with a long t-shirt, leather jacket, and studded boots.

And you feel like the hottest chick walking around town. Swear. Treat yo’self and go get a pair. And rock the hell out of them.


Thrifting Scores: Bentwood Chairs

Guys. I had a huge score last night at Salvation Army. I popped in after work to check out their furniture and found these lovelies.

Cane chair (1)

And get this. $6.99 each. So my first thought was this would be a perfect chair for the corner of my mom’s guest room. Space is at a premium in there, so the slim profile of the chair would be a perfect fit. Just enough room to take a seat while putting on your shoes, or a nice spot to prop up your overnight bag. We’re going with black and white throughout the room, with touches of emerald green. Wouldn’t this chair be gorgeous painted in a rich, deep green? Maybe with a black glaze overtop.

So there were 6 of these pups sitting there. And I think to myself, self, these chairs would also be perfect in my living room around the little bistro table I plan to put in front of the windows. I could stain them darker or paint them navy. Perfect place for coffee, crosswords, etc. And at $6.99? OK, I’ll take 4 more of them.

And what if I accidentally break one? Or if there’s another empty corner calling out for a cute chair? OK I’ll take the last one too.

Cane chairs 2

BUT WAIT! I get up to the register, and he rings me up and says, “All wood furniture is 33% off tonight, so these chairs will be $4.68 each.” SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

Ben is going to kill me for bringing more chairs into the house. Between chairs and pillows, we could provide sitting areas for a small army. Whatever. 6 chairs for less than 30 bucks. That’s a win, people.