Thrifting Scores: Amazing Lamp…and a duck

Another huge score from Salvation Army last week. I’ve been working on the styling for the console table in the family room, and decided it needs a lamp. Something tall and fairly wide. So I head to Salvation Army, peruse the lighting aisle, and don’t find a darn thing. Brutal selection that day.  I did however find a couple other items, so I headed up front to check out. Next to the register is a cart with 2 “slate” lamps sitting in it. I about died. GORGEOUS. Not real slate, just a laminate overlay, but heavy and beautiful and perfect condition. And I am super peeved thinking someone had snatched them up minutes earlier and just left the cart up there while they continued to shop. I inquired with the clerk anyways, and she had no clue. So she gets her manager, and she states that the store will not hold items, regardless of the situation, so they were mine if I wanted them. Well OBVI. So I got 2 lamps for under 30 bucks. Bam.

Slate lamp 2

See it. Love it.

Slate Lamp 3

Let’s take a closer look at the pattern.

Slate lamp 1

Mhmm. I love lamp.

Slate lamp 4

Obviously the styling is still in progress. Some of the frames need to be painted. Another needs a picture. I really do plan to hang something from that hook. But it’s progress. And I love my lamp.

Oh….and about the duck….

Duck 2

2 bucks for the most entertaining key holder ever. He is perfect.

Duck 1

Happy Monday!

Go Tigers!!


DIY Inspiration: Agate Art

I know I’m a bit late to the party on this one, but I am loving agate right now. I’m seeing it everywhere! Target is even on the agate train, offering this end table and pillow as part of their Threshold line.


I’ve also been seeing some examples of agate wall art popping up, which I am OBSESSED with.


Soooo I scoured Etsy and Ebay and found a set of 5 gorgeous agate slices for $22 on Ebay.

Agate slices

They should be shipping today. They’re going to get framed and hung above the sofa in the family room. That room is almost complete and ready for sharing. Hopefully Monday!

Let’s Party!: Halloween Party Decor

Three more weeks until our Halloween party. Sounds like a long time, but when you mix in a wedding, a short vacation, and full-time jobs, I need to start getting ready now! Here’s some photos I’m pulling my inspiration from.


I’m keeping most of my décor black…black satin tablecloth, black chandeliers, glittery black skeletons and pumpkins. When you’re using a hodge-podge of decorations like I am, I find keeping everything in one color pulls it all together and hides the fact that you bought 90% of your décor from thrift and dollar stores. Chic on a dime, people. I’ll post pics of everything as I go…lots of spray painting will be happening over the next couple days!

Let’s Party: DIY Halloween Costumes

I know it’s over a month away, but if you’re like me, you’re already planning out your Halloween costume. Battling the crowds at costume stores is my nightmare, so I always get a jump start on things early, especially since my costumes normally require some DIY magic.

Two years ago, I was Hamburglar. Please take this photo as a lesson in the importance of posing for pictures. Facing the camera straight on with arms down and hunched shoulders is not a good look.


As for the costume though, it’s a cheap black and white striped dress from Forever 21, a kid’s length black cape, red sash belt tied as a tie, hamburgers I made out of craft foam sheets, black hat, red belt, and black boots. I loved it.

Last year, I was a unicorn:

UnicornWhite dress, purple tights, pink shoes, cut up sweater sleeves from a thrift store sweater for the leg warmers, cut up pink gloves, glitter garland tail, rainbow wig, and a skinny pink party hat. This is probably my favorite costume of all-time. So fun!

This year, I’ve been heading down a bird-themed path. Flamingo, parrot, and raven are all options.


I’m leaning towards a raven right now. I’ll post pictures once I have it figured out. We’re having a “Haunted Housewarming Party” on the 26th, so I’ll be sharing all the party details soon too!

Have a great weekend!