Let’s Party!: Easy DIY Thanksgiving Decor

The holidays are in full swing, and as much as I’m already in Christmas mode (it’s hard not to be with the onslaught of ads and store displays), Thanksgiving comes first. And I LOVE Thanksgiving. I crave turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and sitting , completely over-stuffed, on the couch with my dad watching football. I love the tradition. I love the simplicity of good food and good company. In that spirit, here are some simple tablescapes and décor ideas if you happen to be the lucky hostess this year.

Grab some leaves from the backyard, hit them with gold spray paint, and use a Sharpie to write your guests’ names for super easy, but super glam, place cards.

Thanksgiving Decor 1


Get a roll of craft paper at the dollar store, cut sheets to use as placemats, and make a list for everyone to share what they’re thankful this year.

Thanksgiving Decor 6


Get a roll of fall-colored ribbon in the dollar bin at Michael’s, and do a simple knot to pretty up your silverware.

Thanksgiving Decor 2


Mix and match your tableware, maybe even grab some fall-toned pieces from thrift shops, layer them up, and add a tiny gourd on top.

Thanksgiving Decor 5


Use gold leaf or any spray paint to pretty up some small gourds. Just use painters tape to tape off the area you want to spray.

Thanksgiving Decor 3


Pull together all of your big vases and jars, put cheap white candles (use unscented – you don’t want the scents to compete with the glorious smells of your food), and surround them with nuts or grains.

Thanksgiving Decor 4


If you are the hostess this year, don’t stress! Your loved ones do not care if your house isn’t perfectly spotless. They’re there for the quality time with family and the food! I’ll have my favorite Thanksgiving recipes for you over the next couple weeks. I promise they are easy and fail-safe. And so so DELISH.

Have a great weekend!


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