Thrifting Scores: Amazing Lamp…and a duck

Another huge score from Salvation Army last week. I’ve been working on the styling for the console table in the family room, and decided it needs a lamp. Something tall and fairly wide. So I head to Salvation Army, peruse the lighting aisle, and don’t find a darn thing. Brutal selection that day.  I did however find a couple other items, so I headed up front to check out. Next to the register is a cart with 2 “slate” lamps sitting in it. I about died. GORGEOUS. Not real slate, just a laminate overlay, but heavy and beautiful and perfect condition. And I am super peeved thinking someone had snatched them up minutes earlier and just left the cart up there while they continued to shop. I inquired with the clerk anyways, and she had no clue. So she gets her manager, and she states that the store will not hold items, regardless of the situation, so they were mine if I wanted them. Well OBVI. So I got 2 lamps for under 30 bucks. Bam.

Slate lamp 2

See it. Love it.

Slate Lamp 3

Let’s take a closer look at the pattern.

Slate lamp 1

Mhmm. I love lamp.

Slate lamp 4

Obviously the styling is still in progress. Some of the frames need to be painted. Another needs a picture. I really do plan to hang something from that hook. But it’s progress. And I love my lamp.

Oh….and about the duck….

Duck 2

2 bucks for the most entertaining key holder ever. He is perfect.

Duck 1

Happy Monday!

Go Tigers!!


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