Thrifting Scores: Bentwood Chairs

Guys. I had a huge score last night at Salvation Army. I popped in after work to check out their furniture and found these lovelies.

Cane chair (1)

And get this. $6.99 each. So my first thought was this would be a perfect chair for the corner of my mom’s guest room. Space is at a premium in there, so the slim profile of the chair would be a perfect fit. Just enough room to take a seat while putting on your shoes, or a nice spot to prop up your overnight bag. We’re going with black and white throughout the room, with touches of emerald green. Wouldn’t this chair be gorgeous painted in a rich, deep green? Maybe with a black glaze overtop.

So there were 6 of these pups sitting there. And I think to myself, self, these chairs would also be perfect in my living room around the little bistro table I plan to put in front of the windows. I could stain them darker or paint them navy. Perfect place for coffee, crosswords, etc. And at $6.99? OK, I’ll take 4 more of them.

And what if I accidentally break one? Or if there’s another empty corner calling out for a cute chair? OK I’ll take the last one too.

Cane chairs 2

BUT WAIT! I get up to the register, and he rings me up and says, “All wood furniture is 33% off tonight, so these chairs will be $4.68 each.” SHUT THE FRONT DOOR.

Ben is going to kill me for bringing more chairs into the house. Between chairs and pillows, we could provide sitting areas for a small army. Whatever. 6 chairs for less than 30 bucks. That’s a win, people.


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