House Update: Inspiration for the Family Room

Since our family room update is already in progress, I thought I’d share my inspiration photos so you can see the direction we’re heading in. We want to use mainly neutral colors and add interest with layering and texture. Here’s the before photos again.

Family Room.JPG

Family Room Two Tone Paint 2

That entryway you see above is the walkway into the kitchen and to the rest of the house. The garage door entrance is in that same corner. Got a good visual now? Excellent.

With that in mind, here’s the list of updates we want to make/have made:

  • Paint walls a creamy off-white
  • Paint patio door frame and trim a crisp white – UPDATE: trim is going white, door frame is going black
  • Add built-ins to both sides of the fireplace
  • Figure out what to do with the fireplace (paint or whitewash the brick, re-face the whole thing, etc.)
  • Create a landing zone in that little nook by the kitchen entryway
  • Purchase new sofa or sectional – just waiting on delivery!
  • Purchase & hang window treatments
  • Re-do the flooring (this will get done when we replace the flooring throughout the whole main level)
  • Decorate! (art for the walls, style the coffee table and built-ins, etc.)

So here’s a few of the photos I’m using for inspiration:

Family Room Inspiration 1via

Family Room Inspiration 2


Family Room Inspiration 3


Family Room Inspiration 4


Family Room Inspiration 5


I think it’s going to be a beautiful space once it’s complete. And the nice thing is that in staying neutral on the larger items, wall color, rug, sofa, etc., I can swap out accents if my tastes change in a couple years. It’s a heck of a lot easier and cheaper to replace pillows, throws, and art than furniture and area rugs.


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