House Update: Family Room Walls Painted

At first glance, our family room walls were in great shape. A nice, neutral beige with no noticeable stains or nicks.

Family Room.JPG

But when we did our final walk-through before closing, after they had taken down all of their art and moved their furniture out, we realized how awful they really were. Nail holes everywhere, layers of dirt and cobwebs, and a horrible paint job to boot. Clearly, matching touch-up paint to the current wall color was not a priority for these people.

Family Room Two Tone Paint

Can you see that massive splotch on the bottom half of the wall?

Family Room Two Tone Paint 2

Another view of it. That is not a shadow. That is a bad decision.

So while I thought we wouldn’t have to paint this room right away, it definitely needed to move up on the to-do list. So I headed up to the Benjamin Moore shop and picked up a couple test pots – one of Simply White for the trim and the patio door frame, and one of Linen White for the walls. I was going for a linen-y off-white for the walls and a true white for the trim. I tested the trim paint first. Success! A nice, crisp white. Then I threw up a few swatches of the Linen White around the room, and….fail. Linen White is not white. It’s not even off-white. It’s beige. And virtually the exact same beige that was already on the walls.

Annoyed, I bailed on Benjamin Moore and headed out to Home Depot. After standing in the paint aisle for a good hour staring at different white paint chips, they all started to blend together. I finally decided on Behr’s Pot of Cream. Mainly because I liked the name. And I was hungry. And those Home Depot hot dogs were smelling really good. And because I get grumpy when I’m hungry, I made a rash decision and just went ahead and bought a gallon of the stuff. You would think I would’ve learned a lesson from the first test pot fail…..not so much. So a few days later, my angel of a husband Frog Taped the entire room and we got to painting.

Family Room Trapper

Our pup, Trapper. He was not happy about being left out.

I brushed while Ben rolled. It took two coats of the Behr Ultra Paint + Primer to cover up the abundance of stains and mismatched paint colors, but guess what. It looks PERFECT. It’s the exact color I wanted – a slightly creamy off-white. No blue undertones to make it too stark, no pink undertones to make it look peachy, and just enough yellow undertones to give it a bit of warmth. I am in love.

Family Room Walls 2 Family Room Walls 1 Family Room Walls 3

These pictures do not do its creamy gorgeousness justice. So I think the lesson here is to make rash decisions on paint colors when you’re hungry. I’ll have you know though, I did avoid buying a hot dog on my way out. Barely.

More on the window treatments later…and see that little peek of black on the door frame? Yeah, that’s happening too.


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